K-STEEL primarily concentrates on simplifying solutions for all services rendered, and with this approach we have developed our R & D department which continuously works on solutions which simplifies works for all personnel’s involved, whether it’s the client, the contractor or the Manufacturer. This in turn results in refined quality of work, speed, and cost effectiveness in all parameters.

Our STONE CLADDING DIVISION provides detailed structural calculations which simplifies the Job of the contractor and satisfies the client for the assurance of structural stability and approvals of whatever fixing system is proposed as per site. This also results in reliability and proper usage of material and cost effectiveness.

Our ORNAMENTAL STEEL WORKS, uses a Cam Cad software system, which convinces the client for choices of designs, and at the same time saves time for the client and the manufacturer simultaneously. Also a great benefit from our design department is consistency of repeating designs at various locations with complete precision due to our data storage of each design for each and every project.

Our STEEL FIRE DOORS SYSTEM is one of our most remarkable solutions to fire and safety doors. The products that we offer are so easy for the client to choose, that even door requirements for large projects can be finished in the matter of minutes. The quality off all our doors are exclusively tested, even before the client requires to do so, and this satisfies all the parties for its durability, finishes and quality at all times. The highly equipped facility for making these doors, can churn out 50 doors day to satisfy multiple projects at a time.


Our Mission

K-STEEL'S network is linked directly to the company's state of art design, customer service and technical support centre in Kuwait and to it's purpose-built factory. And their team of highly qualified professionals ensure that every product inquiry is dealt with swiftly and effeciently. All clients, wherever located, receive a highly personalised service, precisely tailored to their needs.

Future Ahead
K-STEEL is committed to provide a vital service to the construction industry, through the design, development and manufacture of comprehensive and innovative range of products, confirming to even the most stringent International Standards.